The Longdown Lodge Estate Residents Association

A very warm welcome to Longdown Lodge Estate

Founded in April 1962, the Association exists to preserve and improve the amenities of the estate and to look after the interests of all its members. The Association participates, on behalf of its members, in several key activities as detailed below:

• Planning related issues which could adversely affect the estate such as prevention of through roads or planning applications in close proximity to the estate that may impact residents such as the development of Eagle House field. 

• Maintaining and improving amenities on the estate through direct liaison with the council to ensure that the estate is well maintained and in good repair; planting bulbs and trees; maintaining the entrance to the estate; administering a neighbourhood watch scheme and securing a 20 MPH speed limit on the estate. 

• Organising social events such as quizzes, neighbourhood get-togethers and commemorative street parties. 

• Conducting an Annual General Meeting (AGM) between May and July to provide all residents with the opportunity to attend and find out what the Association’s Committee have been involved with during that year.


Membership of the association is available to all residents of the estate upon payment of an annual subscription fee which is currently £5. If you are new to the estate, please download our welcome letter

Please contact us if you are a resident and would like to join the association

What we do


The Association exists to preserve and improve the amenities and cohesive and distinct nature of the Longdown Lodge Estate. The estate is unique within the area of Sandhurst. 

Its Northern boundary forms the border between Sandhurst and Crowthorne and abuts open countryside within the Wildmoor Lowlying Forest and Heaths.

A sense of community

The association looks after the interests of its members. 

We have an active  facebook page , we publish 2 newsletters a year and run social events such as Quiz's, street parties and an AGM.

We come together to look after our residents and the estate we all live in.


Neighbourhood Watch

The Association runs the neighbourhood watch scheme for the estate. 

This is a valuable benefit which may provide you a significant discount on your house insurance. 

Join our Scheme

Sandhurst Police

Who is your committee?

We are residents of the estate  who volunteer our time.
  • Chairman - Graham Ramsey 
  • Vice Chairman - Robert Miles
  • Secretary - Alison Buckley 
  • Treasurer - Anne Lyster

General Committee Members

  • Sue O'Sullivan 
  • Wendy Miles
  • Colin Mayer
  • Jackie Dresou
  • Annie Richards
  • Jonathan Wood
  • Peter Buckley

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