The Longdown Lodge Estate Residents Association

Planning Guidance

Under the Bracknell Forest Council Supplementary Planning documentation the estate, referred to as Greenways, is defined as a Character Area as described in the Core Strategy Policy, Chapter 2, Sandhurst Study Area. http://www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/chapter-2-sandhurst-study-area.pdf

The Study observes that the character of Sandhurst is formed of separate housing estates, which are of varying quality and character. A number of the estates are distinct in both character and quality of which ours was listed.

Within the study the Longdown Lodge Estate is covered within Area C. This area is described as being of distinctive character, cohesive in terms of architecture, material and landscape that in turn creates a strong and positive development.

It states the estate is based on a simple rectangular loop of streets with cul-de-sacs extending from the corners. These predominately linear streets are lined either side by a consistent form of development.

The study provides a series of recommendations for retaining the character of this estate shown below.

  •  Piecemeal redevelopment of part of this area should be avoided, unless proposals have a similar character to that which exists at present, because it would undermine the cohesiveness of the area.
  • Should any proposals come forward, e.g. extensions, the same architectural approach should be taken and a similar materials palette used;
  • Boundary treatments should be in keeping with the existing character, i.e. enclosed brick walls with shrub planting;
  • Any remaining mature trees should be kept as they provide important focal points;
  • Roof extensions with dormers are unsuitable and a more suitable approach should be sought, for instance gables would be more appropriate;
  • Retain pattern of rear garden tree planting;
  • Key views out to the wider landscape and tree cover should be protected;
  • Retain narrow verges; and where within 400m of the Thames Basin Heaths SPA there is a general presumption against net new residential development.


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