The Longdown Lodge Estate Residents Association

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously

Who are we?

We are a voluntary, non commercial, not for profit organisation run by a committee comprised of residents of the estate.

Our Website

 Our website LLERA.org.uk does not use cookies.

It is hosted by https://www.ionis.co.uk/

What happens if you use the contact us form?

If you use the ‘contact us’ form on our website we will ask for your email address so we can respond to you. The information you enter will be sent to committee@llera.org.uk as an email. We will respond to your query from this email address.

We do not pass your email address or details to any third party organisation and we only use this information to respond to your request.

What information do we request from our members?

If you are a member of LLERA we will request the following information from you

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email address

This information will be stored in the following places;

  1. An electronic address book which is part of our email account. We have 1 single email address committee@llera.org.uk. All committee members can access this email account and can read and respond to emails sent to us.
  2. A spreadsheet used to track subscriptions which is held by a single committee member.

If you are a member we will contact you using your email address for the following purposes;

  • To send you Newsletters.
    • You will typically receive 2 per year.
  • To inform you of events we are holding. This shall include
    • An AGM
    • Between 1 and 3 Social events per year.
  • To make you aware of information of relevance to people living on the estate. E.g. Roadworks, Crime, Planning issues, The AGM, Meetings.
  • To respond to an email you send to us.

What to do if you want us to stop sending you information?

Contact us using the contact us form

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