The Longdown Lodge Estate Residents Association

The history of the estate

The Longdown Lodge Estate was formed in 1954 when planning consent was given for 147 properties on land which was originally part of Longdown Lodge.

The Estate comprises of the following roads.

  • Greenways, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Primrose Way, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Broom Acres, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Orchard Gate, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Beech Ride, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Spring Woods, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Kings Keep, Sandhurst, Berkshire
  • Little Moor, Sandhurst, Berkshire

Below you will find a copy of Lewood Limited's original brochure describing the properties. 

The Brochure

The estate was built by Leywood Limited of Camberley. It was an estate of characteristic houses and bungalows.

They were described as attractive cottage style homes to which the most careful attention had been given to the artistic elevations and exterior features whilst the importance of ideal proportioning, comfort and living requirements of the interiors had received intensive consideration. 

They were described as having a beautifully fitted labour-saving kitchen with wall tiling and a well appointed tiled bathroom.

Distinctive features included;

  • Wood block flooring
  • Critalls galvanised metal windows in wood surrounds
  • Cavity walls
  • Latticed windows
  • Felted roof space
  • Flush doors
  • Copper plumbing
  • Low level wc suite
  • Electric panel fires and tiled fireplace
  • Independent domestic boiler
  • Ample gas and electric power points
  • Decorated to purchasers choice

You can download a copy of the original brochure


The Wellington bungalow

Original Price: £2,300

The Berkshire House

Original Price £2,787

The Sandhurst House

Original price £2,787


These were the first new properties to be built in Sandhurst since the second World War and were completed in only 2 years by Lewood Limited as demand for the properties was high. Here is the estate, under construction in 1955.

A further application was then made to continue the development from Spring Woods towards Crowthorne but was refused.

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